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GIF Banner Maker - GIF Banner Designer For Designing Personalized Banners
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14 October 2010

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Advertising is a field that requires immense amount of creativity and ideation that facilitates creating of spectacular looking advertisements and novel concepts that bombard our television screens presenting little stories woven around the specific product or service that is being promoted. As an individual sector, advertising sports a wide variety of tools and mediums that work for commercially promoting vast ranging products and services. Designing and creating print media advertising literature such as banners and pamphlets and flyers work exclusively for personalizing promotional efforts and concentrating them over the web has proved to be greatly constructive in making the net savvy user duly aware about the specific brands. GIF Banner Designer 5.0 is a utility that easily helps the user to design and create banners in quick time with the help of its available templates.

GIF Banner Designer opens with a vibrant looking interface with the main options placed at the top pane in the form of simple looking icons and the left panel displaying the tools for designing and coloring the banner ad that is displayed on the main screen. The program contains professionally designed templates for static as well as animated backgrounds and enables building banners in record time. There are wide varieties of choices available for size and layout of the banner and enables adding varied shapes and images to it and also provides vivid looking fonts for making the banner more and more attractive. Furthermore, there are vast color palettes available and insert some nice looking special effects too along with providing numerous editing tools that make the application totally flexible in use.

To conclude, GIF Banner Designer 5.0 specifically helps the online advertiser in creating nice looking ads through the created banners and hence gets a rating score of four points for its impressive performance.

Publisher's description

GIF Banner designer provides professionally designed website templates, ready static and animated backgrounds, text and image animations to build banners in record time. GIF Banner maker allows you to design banner of custom size or choose from a set of 17 standard size options. You can also add shape to the banner background. GIF Banner Designer Features: * Create professional looking banners from a set of flash web templates. * Add attractive shapes, symbols, text and images to your banner. *Import system fonts, access font character map and even multilingual fonts. * Put your flash banner online by exporting banner in GIF format. * GIF Banner Designer provides a pre-defined set of preloaders and buttons to display banners within minimum time.*Fill using 5 color palettes, color picker or fill with image. * With arrangement tools like select-all, group, ungroup, lock, hide, send backward, bring forward and alignment, you can arrange banner elements easily. * Provide special effects banner using filters like grey scale, invert, sharpen, edge and water or overlays. * You can simply add effects to the banner by applying color adjustments (brightness, contrast, hue and saturation) transparency, rotate, flip, outline, shadow and blur effects as per the need to add life to your banners. * The application interface of GIF Banner Designer is user friendly. *Get online help that contains detailed instructions on how to use our web GIF banner software easily and effectively. The payment gateway on GIF Banner Designer is hosted on a Https(secure) server and is fully secure. Banner Designer Pro takes special care to ensure that your credit card and billing information is not compromised and is 100% secure. The Banner Designer Pro privacy policy also ensures that any personal detail as provided by you is kept secure and is not used in any way other than as laid down in the policy. Banner Designer Pro offers USA daytime telephone support and 24 hour email support.
GIF Banner Designer
GIF Banner Designer
Version 5.0
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